Welcome to Building Pinguino

Pinguino (Spanish for Penguin) is a 14.5 foot, stitch and glue kit kayak designed and manufactured by Pygmy Boats Inc.  I built this boat - specifically the Pinguino 14.5 with 4PD - during the winter of 2011-2012 (4PD means four panel deck).  The kit arrived in the first week of November and I worked on it on and off through May when it was launched on its maiden voyage.  The boat probably took about four weeks of steady work, but travel and visitors poked big holes in my building schedule.  I was not a complete neophyte at construction, having built a small sailboat from plans and a harpsichord from a kit many years ago.  Even so, building Pinguino was a challenge.  I made mistakes both trivial and serious.  But with some thought and help from the Pygmy folks, the boat turned out well.  It looks beautiful and paddles like a dream.  

I made a video record of the building of Pinguino. The videos will take you step by step through the building process  from boxes of material to a finished kayak on the water.  I'm hopeful that other builders and those contemplating building a stitch and glue boat can learn from my experiences.  

Building Pinguino, From the Beginning to The Launch

Glassing the deck.

Installing the hatch gaskets.

Pinguino 14.5 with 4PD-my boat under construction.  Note the lighter color from using WR-LPU.  

Pinguino being paddled on the Indian River Lagoon by my daughter Liz. 

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