Preparing the Deck for Glass

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After assembling the deck, edge gluing, then removing the staples, we fill the gaps in the deck seams with thickened epoxy.  Once cured, the deck is removed and the inside of the hull is saturated and glassed.  Then the underside of the deck is saturated and reinforced in several places. Finally, the deck is fitted to the hull again and edge glued in place.  That gets us to today's work; removing the excess epoxy and sanding the deck smooth and round.

This was tedious, arduous hard work.  It took hours.  It had my hands aching and my nose full of sanding dust (I should have worn a dust mask).  My tools of choice were my wood file, my

cabinet scraper and my battery powered sander.  The cabinet scraper earned its keep doing a great job of flattening long lines of hardened epoxy putty from along the deck seams.  When I was finally done, I was pleased with the result.

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