Glassing the Deck - Another (small) Error!

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I made an error in cutting the fiberglass cloth for the deck.  Apparently, I do not read directions well.  After following the directions to cut a nine foot piece of glass cloth, I measured to locate the center of the boat, placed one end of the cut cloth at the center and draped it to the rear.  Then I set about placing it onto the deck, trimming it to fit as directed. 

 I was to use the piece I trimmed from the back on the front of the boat.  There was a large, full sized piece hanging off the rear that seemed unneeded.  So, I cut it off.  Bad idea. 

When I tried to fit the remnant to the front deck, there was a large area not covered by glass cloth.  The cut piece was needed to push the whole remnant forward about four feet, giving it the width needed. 

The problem was easily solved by laying the two pieces on the deck as they would have been if uncut, overlapping them at the cut and essentially creating an additional reinforcement for the deck.  I am pleased with the result.

Lessons learned: Read directions carefully and take them literally.  If in doubt, call Pygmy for direction BEFORE you cut.

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