Launching Pinguino -First Paddle!


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The day finally came to launch Pinguino for the first time.  Lisa was on hand to record the christening, done with San Sebastian River water, and document its first paddle.

Pinguino has a swede form hull, which means that the paddler sits behind the center of the boat.  This gives the boat a long fore deck and relatively short rear deck.  This type of hull form typically causes the boat to put it’s stern into the wind in a blow, making it somewhat difficult to head up wind.  The wind was light on this first paddle so there was no problem of this sort.  My initial impression is that the boat tracks wonderfully without a rudder or skeg.  But it also turns easily when put on edge.  I had a great three hour paddle up into the jungle section of the river where I saw many fish, flowers birds and gators.  The boat handles very well and is perfect for the rivers and creeks I intend to use it in. 

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