Calking the Inside Shear Seam

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After the hull and deck are glassed together you are instructed to lay a filet of epoxy thickened with wood powder into the inside shear seam to seal and strengthen it.  Because I would cut hatches into my boat, I could wait till after the hatches were cut out to do this step.  The hatches would give me easier access to the seam along the length of the boat.  I would proceed one side at a time, tipping the boat on its side so that I was applying the filet down into the seam.

The tools described for the process didn't work very well for me.  So I improvised and used tongue depressors to do the job, taping one to a 30 inch stick to reach some parts of the boat.  Work areas were sometimes very confined and difficult.  For example, I had to remove my glasses to get my head and one arm into the forward hatch.

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